My Past Is Not My Future with Tayla Bonicelli


Tayla Bonicelli was born in Vietnam and moved to the United States when she was 9 years old. She is now a nail artist & thriving entrepreneur living in Memphis, TN. Kim booked an appointment with Tayla upon the recommendation of a friend and after getting to know a bit about Tayla's journey, Kim asked her to be a guest on the podcast and lucky for all of us, she said yes!

In this episode, Tayla talks about her early childhood years living the in jungle with her mom in Vietnam. She also opens up about having to leave her mom behind when she moved to the United States with her aunt when she was just 9 years old and the trauma and abuse that occured for years while under her aunt's care.

Tayla talks about her decision to finally leave her aunt and make the move to Memphis with just a backpack, a stuffed animal, and $50 bucks. They discuss what happened when she arrived in Memphis and how she got her first job in a nail salon with zero experience. Tayla also talks about making the decision to become her own boss and how that was a life changer.

Tayla also has a beautiful daughter and she talks with Kim about motherhood and the things she has learned about herself along the way.

Spoiler alert: She's a fierce momma bear!

This episode is about a woman who faced near impossible circumstances and still managed to create a life for herself full of love & light. Tayla has a fierce warrior spirit!

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