What Doesn't Kill You Gives You Grit with Leslie Smith - WTF018


Leslie and Kim met several months ago through a mutual friend and hit if off immediately. And after getting to know more about Leslie, Kim knew she had to have her as a guest on the podcast to share some of her story!

On this episode, Kim And Leslie talk about growing up with parents who have bipolar disorder and the toll it can take on the family. Leslie opens up about her struggle to find stability in her home as a teenager and her decision to move in with a friend's family while finishing high school. Leslie open up about having a parent with alcoholism and all of the challenges that come with that.

Kim & Leslie both met their husbands through an online dating site but before they met them, well, they had lots and lots of interesting experiences & crazy first dates that did not end with a second date. They both share some of their craziest stories from their online dating journey.

Spoiler alert: You can't make this shit up!

Leslie talks about how different her life looks now and how deciding to quit her job to be a stay at home doggie mom is the right decision for her at this time in life. Kim & Leslie both discuss some of their insecurities and how they navigate them with they creep up.

This episode is just two friends talking about life, love, and the pursuit of a semi normal kind of life!

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