We Are All Part of One Race, the Human Race with Venita Doggett - WTF034


Kim met Venita 3 years ago at a booty shakin' fitness dance class in their hometown of Memphis, TN. The two women instantly hit it off and have had a connection ever since. Venita is a social activist and very politically engaged. Sh is not afraid to speak out about injustice towards her fellow human beings and this is one of the qualities Kim admires and respects. 

In this episode, Venita shares from her personal experience about being an African american woman in our society today. She speaks about racism and how it is systematically baked into so many things that might now be obvious to those who are not a minority in this country. 

Both women discuss their own personal feelings following the 2016 presidential election and where they are at now.

Spoiler Alert: They did NOT vote for Donald Trump.

Kim & Venita discuss the treatment of immigrants in our country and the violation of basic human rights happening at our border.  Why is this happening and how can we fix it? Can we fix it?! 

This episode is very open & honest and some things might be hard to hear but we only grow as people when others challenge our way of thinking. Venita's voice is a powerful reminder that we are all part of one race - THE HUMAN RACE!

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