Are You Listening to Your Soul with Ali Daniel - WTF032


In this episode, Kim shares a conversation she had with Ali Daniel, a soul aligned business coach. Ali was brought to Kim's attention when someone reached out and said Ali would be a great guest for the podcast. After Kim did a little digging online, she agreed and the two women schedule a time to chat.

Ali's online business, Punch Drunk Soul, was created to help other women tap into the own "zone of brilliance" and using that to build a business that sets their soul on fire. What is the "zone of brilliance" you might ask? Well, in this episode, Ali shares how she tapped into hers while struggling with a major illness. She also gives us a few tips on how to get into our own zone!

Kim & Ali also discuss the ups and downs of being an entrepreneur. Owning your own business can be a roller coaster at times but it's totally worth the ride if you can learn to embrace all the up & downs and take the lesson from each. There is always something to learn!

Ali also opens up about what spirituality means to her and why it's an important part of her personal & professional life.

Spoiler Alert: A little meditation never hurt anybody! 

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