Tomorrow is Another Day with Kim Miller Bonten


For this episode we are flipping the script and Kim, our trusty host, is actually on the other side of the mic as the guest. One of Kim's dearest friends, Shana, is the guest host for this one.

Kim & Shana have been friends for over 20 years and they talk about how they met, where Kim was in her life at the time, and the importance of forging strong friendships. Kim opens up about past dating relationships and how her codependent ways played a big role in choosing the wrong guy more than once. Kim talks about finally breaking that cycle and the things she learned along the way.

Kim has been a photographer,entrepreneur for 17 years and she chats with Shana about starting a business and how she grew it into something she is super proud of today. They also discuss the work Kim does with women and how she is trying to shift the way women see their own bodies.

"Our bodies are strong and dynamic!"

Aging as a woman in our society is incredibly difficult because there is so much pressure on women to remain "young" looking. Kim & Shana share their feelings on aging and talk about how we can help a sista out!

"Getting older is a privilege and a gift and we should treat it as such."

Kim is a firm believer in giving yourself as many chances as you need to get it right! There is no rule book for doing this thing called life and sometimes it takes a few tries to learn what you need to learn and move on from there.

"Tomorrow is another day to do it differently!"

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