Woman Should Have Agency Over Their Own Bodies with Coley Campany - WTF028


In this episode, Kim shares an intimate conversation she had with Coley Campany. Coley is an actor, dancer, writer, and an advocate for women's reproductive rights. The two women met years ago when Kim photographed Coley's wedding and now they come back together to discuss women's reproductive rights and the importance of women having agency over their own bodies. 

Coley is no stranger to heartbreak and in this episode Coley opens up about wanting to become a mom and the emotional and physical pain that came with multiple miscarriages. Then several months into another pregnancy Coley was told by her doctor that her child would not live outside of her body and she was faced with the difficult decision to induce and deliver early, which is considered by our society, an "abortion."  This devastating experience happened not once, but twice to her! 

Coley discusses the shame that she felt during this dark time and how she worked to overcome it. Kim & Coley also talk about growing up in the south in a conservative Christian culture and the role it plays in shaming women for their choices and how trying to restrict women's reproductive rights in the name of god is dangerous.

Coley is now living in Atlanta collaborating with other women on an original play called "Still birth." With this project, Coley has taken her personal pain and turned it into something positive with the intention of giving a voice to women who have experienced similar losses and help them release the trauma of that loss. It's a subject that is difficult for women to talk openly about and Coley wants to change that.  

Coley is a beautiful & brave woman and we are so grateful she was willing to open up and be so vulnerable with us! 

Connect with Coley and learn more about the play "Still Birth." 



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