Life is Short, Enjoy the Cupcake with Kat Gordon - WTF027


Oh yeah! It's the first episode of season 3 and we are so pumped to kick it off with Kat Gordon!

Kat is the owner of Muddy's bake shop in Kim's hometown of Memphis, TN. Kim has been enjoying the delicious baked goods, and we do mean DELICIOUS, at Muddy's for several years now so it was really cool for Kim to finally get to sit down and chat with Kat.

In this episode, Kat talks about life before Muddy's. Sometimes we have to try other things to figure out they aren't for us.

Spoiler alert: Real estate wasn't for Kat.

Kat talks about when her love for baking began and how she turned that into a business that is thriving today. Both women talk about being entrepreneurs and the importance of building a brand that you can be proud of and one that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Spoiler Alert 2: If your product and customer service aren't consistently good, the number of followers you have on social media matters not.

Kim and Kat chat about the "not so glamorous" side of owning your own business and the mistakes they have made along the way and what they have learned from those mistakes. Kat also opens up about how she deals with competition and how she quiets the insecurities that creep in from time to time.

And of course, they talk about all the baked goods. They are so DELICIOUS!!! Kat might even share a secret ingredient or two!

This episode is about so much more than cupcakes and it's a great one for all the entrepreneurs out there or anyone that just wants to hear two women chatting about real life experiences.

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