Let Your MILF Flag Fly with Jennifer Tracy - WTF025


Kim is super excited to have Jennifer Tracy as a guest on the podcast this week! Jennifer is a mom, entrepreneur, writer, and the host of MILF podcast. (Moms I'd like to follow) In other words, she's one seriously kick-ass woman and we love those kinds of women around here!

Jennifer grew up in Colorado but moved to Los Angeles in her early twenties where she still lives with her son and pups. In this episode, Jennifer shares several pages from her life story including her time in NYC working as a model, college, moving to LA, finding her passion for writing, becoming a mom, struggling w/ postpartum depression, losing the palazzo pants & baggy t-shirt, divorce, pole dancing, writing a novel, and starting a podcast. Jennifer has also been sober for 20 years and as she discusses her journey to sobriety, Kim opens up about a personal experience with a friend who is now in stage 4 liver failure due to years of alcoholism.

Jennifer tells us about her inspiration behind MILF podcast and why she feels it's so important for women to share their stories. There is power in our story!!!

Oh, and they laugh a lot in this one! Like a whole lot!

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