Hey Cancer! F You! with Lauren Weiner - WTF023


Lauren & Kim met several years ago through the WARRIOR photo shoot that Kim does once a year to empower and celebrate women who are currently battling cancer and some who are in remission. They hit it off immediately and have been friends ever since.

On this episode, Lauren talks about her battle with breast cancer and opens up about some of the things nobody tells you about until you are right in the middle of it like the red devil, side effects from the red devil, chemo brain, getting a mastectomy, reconstruction, mental exhaustion, physical exhaustion, and on it goes.

Kim & Lauren also talk about the pain of losing people you love to cancer and the importance, even in those dark moments, of holding on to HOPE. Cancer is a real a-hole and it does not discriminate but we have to remain hopeful and keep on living!

Adulting can really suck sometimes and Kim & Lauren talk about some of the challenges of being a "grown up" including the art of compromise, parenting, step parenting, marriage & menopause.

Spoiler alert: Kim's only good at being young!

The Pink Wig Project was founded by Lauren's dear friend, Teri Trotter, who passed away in June of 2018 after a long and fierce battle with breast cancer. Lauren is now working as a volunteer for The Pink Wig Project to help carry on Teri's legacy and in this episode, she talks about the power of the pink wig and all the incredible work The Pink Wig Project is doing to give hope to cancer WARRIORS and their caregivers, all while raising awareness about genetic testing and funds for cancer genetic research.

To learn more about The Pink Wig Project or donate click the link below:


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