Stay Aligned With Your Purpose with Sonja Mustiful - WTF022


Sonja Mustiful is a career coach and author. After working in the corporate world for many years, she now uses her experience to help others lock down their goals and unlock their full potential.

On this episode, Sonja talks about her time working in the corporate world and everything she learned along the way. Kim & Sonja discuss Sonja's decision to become an entrepreneur and start her business, Essence of Coaching, where she is now helping others find their true purpose and rise to their full potential.

"We have to find our purpose and stay aligned with it."

Kim also shares some of the ups and downs she has faced being a business owner for 17 years and gets advice from Sonja on how to combat entrepreneurship fatigue and how to communicate clear expectations to those around you.

"We all have control of how we show up."

The ladies also discuss the inspiration behind Sonja's new book "Aim High, Ask Why." It's a call to action for anyone who is ready to take it to the next level.

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You can purchase a copy of Sonja's book "Aim High, Ask Why" at Novel bookstore in Memphis, TN or click on the link below:

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