The Road to Recovery is Paved With The Truth with Kellie Turnage - WTF021


Kellie Turnage is a beautiful soul who is using her story of addiction & recovery to give others hope and more insight into the world of addiction.

In this episode, Kellie talks about her need for control and wanting to be the "BEST" at everything which led to a battle with anorexia as a teen & young adult. The signals we send to girls about their weight & body image can be so powerful!

As a young adult in college, Kellie began to drink and party and then, well, she just kept drinking. Kellie opens up about her struggle with alcoholism and addiction that started in college and continued for years through a marriage, divorce, several jobs, and several new cities. You cannot outrun addiction and Kellie learned that no matter where you go, there YOU are.

What was Kellie's rock bottom? Well, as Kellie tells us, addicts don't really have one rock bottom, they have many. Her decision to finally get the help she needed, and to take it seriously, came from a very emotional place.

Kim opens up about all of the emotions she is having in regards to a friend that has been an alcoholic for years and is now in stage 4 liver failure and still continues to seek out alcohol. Why do alcoholics continue to drink when it appears that they have everything to live for? Kellie tries to help us understand the mind of an addict and also communicates some hard truths about addiction that only the addict can change.

The ladies recorded this episode 2 days before Kellie's 3 year anniversary of sobriety and what a difference 3 years of honesty, support, and 12 steps can make!

Kellie is a very brave woman and we are so grateful she was willing to share a part of her journey with us!

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