We Are All Unfinished with Adina Borgimer Wiseman - WTF017


Kim & Adina have known each other for several years. They met for the first time when Kim took some fitness classes at Adina's studio, Live Fit, in Arlington, TN. About a year after they met, Adina did a photo shoot with Kim and they had a blast and have stayed connected.

In this episode, Adina talks about her journey as an entrepreneur and her motivation to start her business, Live Fit, and how it has grown and evolved over the past few years.

Kim & Adina discuss why women fall into the trap of thinking that their bodies are never thin enough, muscular enough, etc. and Adina shares some of her strategies for changing that narrative.

"You have to get your mind right!"

Adina also opens up about some of her own insecurities and how she has dealt with the emotional pain she felt when her marriage of 20 years ended and what it feels like now that she has allowed herself the time to heal and grow.

Spoiler alert: She is in a new relationship and her business is thriving!

Adina is living proof that you can reinvent yourself and start over at any time in life. We are all unfinished and that is a beautiful thing!

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