I Get Knocked Down, I Get Up Again with Erin Schrier, Athlete, Amyloidosis Warrior, Survivor


Erin Schrier is one bad ass woman! She is a power lifter, personal trainer, Amyloidosis WARRIOR, and she is a survivor! Kim & Erin met several years ago at a fitness class. Shortly after they met, Erin booked Kim to do a photography session and they have kept up with each other ever since.

In this episode, Erin shares her passion for fitness and the journey that led her to her latest endeavor, competitive powerlifting.

Erin opens about about the emotional and verbal abuse she experienced in her first marriage. Kim & Erin also discuss the reasons why people stay in abusive relationships longer than they should and the shame the victim of the abuse often feels.

SHAME can be a powerful tool for any abuser.

Erin was diagnosed with AL Amyloidosis, a rare type of blood cancer, several months ago and in this episode she opens up about what it felt like to receive the news of the diagnosis and the ups and downs of the journey she is on now to kick this cancer in the ass.

Erin is such a brave and inspiring woman! Life might knock her down but she gets right back up and keeps fighting!!!

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