Living with Lyme with Nichole Ogburn Frazier - WTF008


Kim has known Nichole Frazier for years and what started out as a working relationship quickly grew into a strong friendship. Nichole is a mom, entrepreneur, and a Lyme disease warrior.

Since being diagnosed with Lyme disease almost a year ago, Nichole has been fighting a very painful and scary battle. in this episode, she opens up about the physical, mental, and emotional toll that this tricky disease has taken on her and her family. She also talks about what she has learned about herself through this difficult time and why being your own biggest advocate is everything!

Spoiler alert: Lyme disease creates a sh*t show inside your body!

Nichole is also a mom to 2 beautiful kiddos and she shares how she has been navigating motherhood when there are days where it's a struggle to even get out of bed but you know the show must go on.

This episode is for anyone who has ever faced illness or great adversity and has said "Oh hell no! You will not take me down!"

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