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Shawn Sandy has been a friend and inspiration to Kim for years. Shawn is a mom, entrepreneur, heavy lifter, fear facer, girl scout troop leader, and one seriously bad ass woman!

In this episode Shawn talks about the up and downs, mostly ups, of being an entrepreneur and how her experiences with too many bad sales training courses led her to start her business, The Selling Agency, where she teaches humans how to sell to other humans.

Kim & Shawn discuss the importance of being true to yourself in all things and how comparison really is the thief of joy. You can only live your own life! Shawn also opens up about one of her big insecurities and how she has come to terms with it.

"I'm a lot and I'm not for everyone and I'm ok with that but over the course of my life, sometimes that "too much" has cost me some friendships."

Shawn also talks about raising her kids to be brave & independant souls and she shares some of her experiences as girl scout troop leader, including cookie time.

Spoiler alert: It's NOT about the cookies!

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