Believe in Your Own Goodness with Annemie - WTF006


Annemie Rabau has been a dear friend of Kim's for many years. She is a mom, grandma, teacher, adventurer, and a survivor.

Annemie grew up in Belgium and moved to the United States over 30 years ago and in this episode she talks about coming to America, becoming a mom, and her love for languages. We also talk about one of her big life changing adventures that included a 500+ mile walk, mostly in the rain, on the El Camino while wearing a backpack!

She also opens up about the pain & incredible sense of loss that she felt when her marriage of 34 years ended because of infidelity. She shares some of the emotional fall out that came after the divorce and how she is still working to pick up the pieces.

Spoiler alert: Hitting the reset button on your life at age 63 is scary as f**k!

"Believe in your own goodness because you are good."

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