Speak Your Truth with Chandra Carey - WTF005


Chandra Carey is an associate professor at University of North Texas.

Her teaching and research focuses on mental illnesses and the recovery experiences of women of color, as well as culturally responsive service provision in rehabilitation counseling practice.  In this episode Chandra opens up about the joys and challenges of being a mom to children with disabilities and how she is dedicated to raising awareness and removing the stigmas that exist around Down Syndrome. Spoiler alert: People with Down Syndrome are not always happy. They experience all of the emotions. Kim & Chandra also discuss their views about the current political climate in our country, the "Black Lives Matter" movement, and America's painful past and why we must never forget it.  Chandra also shares some of the struggles she is up against as a black woman in America. "America has this image that we have to uphold so if we talk about the negative aspects of our history, somehow it's unpatriotic for us to have those discussions. It's not American for us to revisit what our painful history looks like but we need to revisit that painful history so that everyone is aware and we don't get back to a space like the one we're in today." Chandra recommends watching "Born this Way."

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