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Kelly is one third of the team behind MommyDearestInc.com a humorous look at motherhood through the eyes of three badass female friends. From her day job as a Reality TV Producer, to Mom of a house full of boys, her personal experience with sexual assault, to her families struggles overcoming brain cancer, Kelly Greenway is an open book, sharing her experiences and passion with you.

"I just wish there was more non-judgemental support available and not just in feeding but in all of motherhood!" - Kelly Hoover Greenway

Kelly and Kim discuss switching coasts to raise a family, living in and out of a liberal bubble and the ongoing effects of the "Me too" movement, both personally and publicly. Kelly also details her husband's battle against brain cancer, and the ongoing effects for her family, as well as the gratitude that comes with second chances.

“I truly believe that we can accomplish anything for each other, with each other.”

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