Hanging With The “Kool” Kids with Kaci Hundley Fisher - WTF029


In this episode, Kim shares a conversation she had with Kaci Hundley Fisher. The two women originally connected when Kaci hired Kim to photograph her wedding several years ago and they have kept in touch over the years. 

Kaci was born and raised in Oklahoma and in 2001 she represented her home state in the Miss America pageant. She talks with Kim about her positive experience in Miss America and how it has helped her moving forward in her life. 

Fast forward to now and Kaci is the mom of two beautiful kiddos and she talks about the journey to motherhood and how her and her husband felt when their son, Hudson, was diagnosed with Koolen de vries syndrome. Having a child with special needs comes with certain challenges and Kaci opens up about what they have faced so far and how her family navigates these challenges. Hudson also happens to be one of the happiest kids around who brings so much joy to those he meets!

 Since her son's diagnosis, Kaci & her husband have become strong advocates for raising awareness about Koolen de vries syndrome and in this episode she explains exactly what it is and how it affects those who have it. She also talks about the incredible community and support she has found through others who are living with Koolen de vries. 

In a nutshell, Kaci is a strong woman doing great things out in the world!

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