My name is Kim Miller Bonten, the creator and host of the WTFeminine podcast. I live in my hometown of Memphis, TN and I’m married to a handsome Dutchman with a big brain, I have two beautiful stepdaughters, and a dog named Scamp. I’ve been a photographer and my own boss since 2002 which has been a colorful journey filled with lots and lots of teaching moments. And now, I’m also a podcaster and I think that is pretty freakin’ cool!

Throughout my life, I’ve come across some pretty incredible women. I wanted to give them a place to share their life experiences and so this podcast was born. I want all of you to know all about these kick ass women that I know! These are women that are out there among us doing their best to rock this thing called life. They are women that we can all connect and relate to in some way and their stories will inspire you, make you laugh, make you angry, and yep, some are gonna make you cry.

WTFeminine podcast is here to take you on a trip through womanhood and all the beautiful and messy stuff that comes with her. We would love for you join us so please subscribe to the podcast and get ready for one helluva ride!